How to Get a Fishing License in Indiana

In compliance with state law in Indiana, you need a proper fishing license before you go out on the water. The Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for these licenses. The rules and regulations apply to fish that are taken from the public waterways in Indiana.

Obtaining a License

Need a license in Indiana to fish streams, lakes, rivers, and their tributaries. A hard copy of a permit or an electronic version of the license. You can get your license online, through the mail, or a licensed vendor. It must be with you at any time while fishing. It must be presented to a law enforcement officer or a conservation officer when they ask for it. There are penalties and fines that you will receive if you’re caught fishing without a license.

You’ll need to be a resident of the Indiana area for sixty consecutive days before the time you purchased your license. You must not have a residence in any other country or state. If you are a senior citizen and at least 64 years of age, you can get a seniors fishing license. This is a license that is for the lifespan of the owner. You must be over the age of 18 to obtain a fishing license in Indiana. If you break fishing regulations, your license can be revoked at any time. You must also comply with the rules concerning fishing equipment. If you were using illegal fishing equipment, this could be confiscated if you are convicted.

License Types

There are different licenses that you can get in Indiana. Here is a rundown of the typical licenses.

  • Fishing license
  • One day fishing license
  • 7-day fishing license
  • Seniors fishing license
  • Seniors fish for Life license


It’s easy to obtain a fishing license in Indiana. You need this license to do any type of fishing. Always make sure you have it in your possession to ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations in the state.

Top Places To Fish In Indiana

Indiana, although known for its production of limestone and advancement in architecture, is full of great places to fish. From amazing bodies of rivers, glacier lakes, and a variety of fishes, angling adventures are a must in Indiana.

Also, the positive weather condition is one of the many reasons why Indiana is a great option for taking a vacation. So, if you’re in Indiana and are unsure of where to go out for fishing adventures, we’ve got you.

Check out the following list of the best fishing locations in Indiana:

  • White River

One of the major spots for fishing in Indiana is the White River. Known for its calm and breathtaking views, the White River is home to many fish species like the smallmouth bass, catfish, bluegills, yellow perch, and minnows.

This beautiful river flows for 330 miles and is perfect for a relaxing day out fishing.

  • Patoka Lake

Patoka lake is the largest lake in Southern Indiana and a relaxing spot for the family. In this lake, you can find stripers, bass, catfish, sunfish, and crappie. For a swell time, rent a boat and go fishing in this fantastic spot.

  • St. Joseph River

Also known as the “visiting river,” St. Joseph River is a freshwater river that is home to many trouts, minnows, sunfishes, and a large variety of catfish.

This spot gets his name from the direction in which it flows; from Michigan, it flows down Indiana before circulating back to Michigan. Also, the scenery is relaxing and very quiet.

  • Sundance Lake

Sundance lake is situated in Hoosier National Forest and was built for fishing. Occupying 5.3 acres of the National Forest and offers a healthy amount of Bluegills, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and bass. In this location, you’re assured of a great fishing experience all year round.

  • Lake Monroe

For a diverse offering of fishes to choose from, you should visit Lake Monroe. Carp, catfish, bass, crappie, and walleye are amongst some of the fishes you would find in this beautiful spot.

It’s a perfect location for a full day of fishing. There are plenty of beach activities to take part in, and there’s also good swimming here. It’s the perfect location to bring the entire family for a fishing excursion.

  • Geist Reservoir

This spot is perfect for all anglers searching for a good time all year round. Pros and beginners can have a memorable experience while fishing for a variety of fishes. This location offers fishes like Lake trout, crappie, Sauger, Sunfish, Walleye and perch all year round.

  • Summit Lake State Park

This state park has excellent boat ramps. There is plenty of room, and you can stay overnight if you prefer. In the wintertime, there is also excellent ice fishing here. There is a wide range of different fish that you can catch in this lake.

  • Potato Creek State Park

This park is another location for excellent fishing. There is camping and lodging here so you can stay more than one day if you prefer. There’s plenty of crappy, catfish, and bass that you can catch among other fish. You will enjoy your stay at this state park.

Wrapping It Up

Indiana is an excellent location for fishing all year long. Check out one of the spots mentioned above, and you’re bound to have an experience you won’t forget in a while.

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