How to Get a Fishing License in Nebraska

If you want to fish in Nebraska, you need a proper fishing license. You can get one of these to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The NGPC is the organization that sets the laws and fishing regulations for the state of Nebraska. The fishing regulations cover different fishing seasons as well as two types of tackle that you can use while fishing. To fish in this area, you need to have a proper license.

Your fishing license helps to protect fish habitat, manage the fishery, and to provide conservation education for others that want to fish. It’s essential to fish responsibly and to contribute to the conservation of fish. This is the main reason why a license is required. You should only take the amount of fish that is indicated on your license and no more. If you take too many fish, you are not contributing to the conservation of the fish and could be breaking the law.

Getting a License

As stated above, you can get your license through the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. This license for fishing in NE can be purchased online. You can get a lifetime license, annual license, and other types of permits.

You could get a license for one day or three days, for example. The type of license you get will all depend upon your needs. For anyone over the age of 16 years, you need a sport fishing license. You cannot fish in Nebraska without this license. Please be sure this license is always on you and be prepared to show it to a conservation officer or law enforcement officer if they ask for it. You will be breaking the law if you do not reveal your license right away.

Sample License

  • One day fishing license
  • 3-day fishing license
  • Annual fishing license
  • Fishing and hunting combination license
  • Resident senior hunting and fishing combination license
  • Resident veteran combination hunting and fishing license

There are different fishing licenses, so you should talk to the game commission about the permit that would be suitable for your needs. You can also obtain your permission through a vendor such as those that sell bait and tackle.

Places to Fish

There are numerous places in Nebraska where you can go fishing. Here are some examples of great fishing spots.


To fish in Nebraska, you need a proper fishing license. Ensure that you always have your fishing license on you while fishing. You want to review the rules and regulations of fishing in Nebraska so that you stay within the regulations.

Top Places To Fish In Nebraska

Nebraska is blessed with a plethora of fishing locations perfect for anglers and tourists all year round. However, with over 450 lakes open to the public, picking out the ideal choice can be difficult.

Fortunately, the following options will help make your decision-making process more manageable. Here are the top places to fish in Nebraska:

  • Holmes Lake

At this lake, you’ll find plenty of catfish and other types of fish. It’s been listed as one of the top 100 family-friendly spots in the Nebraska area. There’s fantastic boating here, not just fishing. You can’t go wrong, choosing it for your next fishing adventure.

  • Lake Ogallala

This lake is a popular place for rainbow trout. it’s a family-friendly lake, and you’ll find plenty of other activities to do around the lake.

  • Lake McConaughy

Lake McConaughy is easily one of the best locations in Nebraska for rainbow trout and catfish. It’s a reservoir located on the North Platte River, and it is excellent for boating, fishing, and overall swell time with family. This lake features natural deep waters. This place is perfect for fishing walleye boasting some record walleyes! There is also plenty of other fish that you can catch at this lake.

Also, one of the most amazing events on the lake is an annual Walleye contest. This will make for a memorable experience while in Nebraska.

  • Sandhill Lakes

Nebraska’s Sandhills is filled with thousands of lakes filled with big bellies and other types of fish. Even though some of these lakes are shallow, there are a few deep options. The deepest, however, is the Blue Lake in Garden City, which usually gets all the attention from tourists.

  • Branched Oak Lake

Another beautiful destination you have to visit for a complete fishing experience in Nebraska is the Branched Oak Lake.

This 1,800-acre lake is one of the most popular spots in Nebraska, with annual visits of 1 million tourists. Mainly, this space is visited quite often, because of its abundance of largemouth bass. Hence, every year, its campgrounds are full of bass anglers seeking a good time.

  • Wagon Train Lake

This 315-acre lake is smaller compared to the Branched Oak lake. However, visiting this location is worth it.

With a variety of fishes to choose from; Catfish, Bluegill, Largemouth bass, and rock bass, you’re sure to have a great time. The fishes usually range from 12-15 pounds, which is relatively big for a lake this small.

  • Box Butte Reservoir

Another vast lake, with over 1,600 acres, the Box Butte Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing. This destination is famous for its overpopulation of pikes, so you can be sure to catch some all year long.

  • Meritt Reservoir

Great for getting some catfish, the Meritt Reservoir is by far one of the most popular spots for fishing in Nebraska. Increasingly, the popularity of the Meritt Reservoir has improved, as a result of its catfish population. Hence, the annual visits of tourists are on the rise.

On the Meritt Reservoir, you can enjoy fishing from a boat or the shore, depending on your preference.

  • Elwood Reservoir

If you’re searching for one of the best places to fish for a variety of bass fishes, then Elwood Reservoir is a great choice. Although fishing can be difficult because of its rich terrestrial vegetation, preservation for years is guaranteed. Hence, the Elwood reservoir will always be one of the ever-present options for fishing in Nebraska.

Wrapping It Up

Nebraska offers amazing lakes and a variety of fishes to the public. With the destinations mentioned above, you will be able to explore this city better.

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