How to Get a Florida Fishing License

There are numerous excellent fishing spots in Florida. To fish in the state of Florida, you need a proper license. Anyone between the age of 16 to 65 requires a permit when they catch fish in Florida. There are different types of licenses available. If you wish to get something besides a recreational fishing license, there may be different requirements.

Getting a License

You need to be a resident in Florida for six months to obtain a fishing license. Florida must be your primary residence, or you need to be a member of the United States armed forces and are stationed in Florida. Here is a rundown of the different licenses.

  • Annual saltwater fishing license
  • Annual freshwater fishing license
  • Freshwater and saltwater combination license
  • Shoreline saltwater license
  • Hunting and freshwater fishing combination license
  • hunting in saltwater combination license
  • Sportsman license
  • Gold sportsman’s license
  • Military gold sportsman’s license
  • Ae 65 or older Sportsman

You can get fishing licenses for different days. For example, you could get a 3-day license, 7-Day license, and so on. Go to any bait and tackle shop or a license office in the State of Florida, and you can obtain a Florida fishing license. You can go online to the FWC’s Online License & Permit Sales site and get your licensing completed. You can also call a telephone number at 888-FISH-FLORIDA, to obtain your fishing license.

Top Fishing Locations in the State of Florida

Florida is a fantastic destination to bask in the sun, have fun in numerous theme parks, and get your fishing on. Florida is known for having the perfect spots for fishing, diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

So, if you’re in Florida and thinking about taking a relaxing fishing trip, and you’ve got your Florida Fishing license, then the following options should top your list:

  • Jacksonville

If you’re looking to fish for Kingfish, Jacksonville is an excellent place to go. You can also get good mackerel here. There are many different places to fish along the coastline, and you will find spotted sea trout, redfish, sheepshead, flounder, and other fish. All of this is within walking distance of downtown Jacksonville. You could go offshore and hunt for mahi-mahi, wahoo, sailfish, and tuna. There are plenty of deep-sea trips that you can take your and experienced charter captains that wouldn’t be more than happy to take you to the best fishing spots.

  • Daytona Beach

Another excellent fishing location is in Daytona Beach. There are much different fish you can catch her, including wahoo, snook, and redfish. There are many different places that you can stay on your fishing trip. You could also fish for largemouth bass around the Halifax River. You could go to the south area and visit Mosquito Lagoon. Here you can fish for sheepshead, black drum, snook, and some speckled trout. There is also excellent offshore fishing in this area.

  • Florida Keys

Another unique area to fish in the Florida Keys. You’ll find bonefish, snook, and tarpon here. There are many different Islands here that you can fish, including Key West and Marathon. There is a wide variety of different fish and fishing adventures in the Florida Keys. You could go into the Gulf area around Key West and fish for bigger fish such as Marlin, tuna, mackerel, and sailfish. There is also grouper and Snapper here. There is no shortage of fishing adventures in the Florida Keys.

  • Panama City Beach

The deep blue waters of Panama City Beach is home to a large number of fish species to choose from. Sharks, mackerel, Grouper, and Snapper are all examples of fish species available in this area.

Asides from the sandy white beaches, you can explore inshore game fishing in this area. For instance, the Bay waterways offer the Redfish, Flounder, Speckled trout, and Sheepshead. Also, sight fishing and fly fishing for Tarpons are a favorite for many in this area.

  • Dog Island Reef

Dog Island Reef is a trending location for many tourists in Florida. Located about four miles from Dog Island in Franklin County, this location is well known for its abundance in Sharks. However, there are other varieties of fishes available like the Pompano, Spanish mackerel, Cobia, and Tarpon.

Usually, fishing around early Spring till Summer and using live bait is more effective in this location.

  • Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Toho, as it is called, is one of the most abundant fishing spots in Florida and boasts about 23,000 acres of water. Spotted very close to Orlando, this vast lake is divided into 2; East Lake Toho & West Lake Toho.

Trophy size bass and black crappie are the fish species in this area. So, if that’s your specialty, then head on there.

  • Lake Okeechobee

If you’re thrilled about catching enormous Largemouth bass, then Lake Okeechobee is the perfect spot for you. Also, loved for its peaceful scenery, Lake Okeechobee is the largest lake in the whole of Florida.

Additionally, a lot of bass fishing tournaments in North America are held in this location. The Bassmaster Elite and FLW tour are good examples. Other fish species you can fish for are Black Crappie and Redear sunfish.

  • Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a perfect spot for a relaxing family day out, as well as fishing. The breathtaking scenery from the Sanibel lighthouse is worth it.

There are so many fish species to choose from on this island. However, it is dependent on how deep in the water. Some of the fish species that are close to land include; Tarpons, snooks, Florida Pompano, Redfish, and Snapper. However, if you proceed further into the deep sea with a charter, you can find; African Pompano, King Mackerel, Shark, Hogfish, Cobia, and Goliath grouper.

Although there are other varieties, those above are the most popular species.

  • Apalachicola River

The Apalachicola River is one of the secret spots for hunting the bass species and is often referred to as the forgotten coast. This river flows from Lake Seminole, through panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s home to many fish species and a quiet place where you can enjoy fishing.

Some of the bass species you can get at this fantastic location are; Largemouth bass, striped bass, hybrid bass, black bass, spotted bass, and shoal bass. Aside from the bass species, you can also, find the bluegill, Redear sunfish, panfish, and speckled trout.


It’s not too difficult to get a fishing license in Florida. There are plenty of locations to fish in Florida, and you will have an excellent fishing adventure. Speak to your local license provider about this exact requirement you need for your license.

With these options of fishing spots available in Florida, your fishing trips during your holiday will always be memorable.


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