Reasons to Visit Loreto, Mexico – Kayaking is Just One

South of the US border and north of La Paz, Mexico; on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico; Loreto is surrounded by five major islands that cover five hundred and ten thousand acres. Thanks to no pollution, you can see the stars in their full glory.

What makes this area a perfect place for kayaking is the diverse beauty of the islands along with their size and ideal spacing. The wildlife and native plants are obviously a huge part of it.

Want to see humpbacks, blue whales and dolphins? Loreto has you covered! Sea turtles, blue footed brown pelicans, parrot fish and puffer fish? You can check all of those off the list.

The Loreto National Marine Park is a complete eyeopener for ocean nature and sights. Imagine seeing a fantastic assortment of frigate birds, whales, fish and birds. A kayaker’s or nature lover’s dream place. And we haven’t even started with the plants and vegetation and marine fossils.

Ten Reasons to Visit Loreto Mexico

Loreto, Mexico, located on the Baja Peninsula,  is a secret paradise that is peaceful, charming and the landscapes are beautiful. There’s lots of exclusive activities to partake of, as well as stunning loveliness to enjoy.  So, it’s time to discover the 10 main reasons to travel to Loreto Mexico and find out what kind of pleasure you can have when you get there. This guidebook on Loreto features 10 top reasons to head to Loreto, Baja California Sur on your next holiday.


  1. The Serene Harmony

Loreto in Baja California Sur is yet a fairly new location for tourist traffic, however, despite not being the top travelled to place in Mexico, you can find plenty of harmony and serenity in this exclusive holiday destination. At Loreto, there won’t be hordes of people clogging up the beaches with their sunbathing or having all night parties. The things that cause visitors to flock to this Pueblo Magico (which means Magic Town) all year is the laidback atmosphere. Things start closing up by 10 pm, so if you want to go somewhere to relax and rejuvenate, then head to Loreto, Mexico.

  1. The Capability Of Being Immersed in Nature

This Mexican destination is famous for having formations of jagged rocks rising from the ocean, as well as beautiful crystal clear water. You can find it on one of the country’s vital reserves called Loreto National Marine Park. More than eight hundred kinds of marine life and fish live in the area. A great activity here is to go on a guided hike and learn all about the area and its wildlife. Plus you could take another tour and find out more about the terrain as well as get some stunning sights of the ocean. Or visit one of the Islands of Loreto, where you could see some of its history or enjoy one of the beaches on its coastline.

  1. Isla Coronado

Isla Coronado is right off the city shore one the Islands of Loreto and offers some great activities in Loreto. You can take a boat tour to explore what these islands have to offer, and maybe be lucky enough to see things like pelicans, dolphins, sea lions or tropical fish. It’s quite well known for the white sandy beach and its natural bay. There, you can relax, swim, or hike one of the footpaths and see the rock filled landscape.

  1. Take a Change and Go Whale Watching

Blue and humpback whales migrate from the Baja Peninsula January to March so they can birth their calves. This opportunity to see these majestic animals is very popular. There are several boat businesses that can take you on a whale watching trip. These creatures are one of the top reasons many people come to Loreto so they can see the biggest mammal on Earth! It is a once in a lifetime adventure.

  1. The Tasty Food

Food choices in Loreto, Mexico are superb and have less processed meals and more tasty local varieties and ingredients. It’s not near huge cities, so a lot of the chefs here even grow the seasonings they use, and the meals are developed using local veggies, fruits, seafoods and meats. Pamper yourself by eating in one of the stylish resort eateries or stroll through the city and find genuine Mexican meals such as tacos, torta sandwiches or be brave and try the local specialty called chocolate clams, which you can only find in Loreto.

  1. Craft Beers

Worldwide, beer lovers can be very selective. It’s the same here in Loreto. A fav location for both visitors and the local people is the El Zopilote Brewing Company. You can taste the local craft beers that you can’t get anywhere else and as well enjoy some nightlife that’s very laidback and fun.

  1. Historical Adventures

Loreto’s historical past is another great reason to come here. If you love to mix holidays with a learning experience, then you’ll love the fact Loreto was the 1st Spanish colonial town on this Baja Peninsula, as well as several Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries live here. View the colonial era architecture, see the Mission Loreta church that’s been there ever since the end of the 17th century. See the museum and other cultural centerpieces in this lovely place. You can also visit places like the Isla salt mines, the Museum of Jesuit Missions or the San Javier Mission.

  1. Amazing Sunsets

The city is located on the western coast, so you can view some amazing sunsets full of pink, orange and more each night. Walk along the shoreline or just relax and drink some wine while you view this incredible sight at this really lovely Mexican destination.

  1. Water Sports

There are lots of things you can do regarding being active on and in the water in Loreto. Some of that includes things like paddle boarding and kayaking. Or, you can rent a board or even a whole boat from a local vendor and spend some time at the Loreto National Marine Park. Once there you can see many kinds of marine life and tropical fish species. Or, go out further on the ocean and go deep sea fishing or tour the islands.

  1. The Friendliness

The top reason to go to Loreto, Mexico is the friendliness of the people there. Everyone is wonderful no matter if it is the taxi driver at the airport, the staff at your hotel or resort, the area vendors or the local people who live there. They all want to share the beauty and other aspects of Loreto with visitors. They want to show you their culture, help you out when needed and overall just be the friendly people they are every day.

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