Why do Men Love Fishing?

A lot of men say fishing is a great way to satisfy their hunting urges. They can head into the outdoors, and it’s them against Mother Nature. All they have is their fishing pole, some beer and maybe a bottle of sunscreen. They are just super pleased with themselves for catching dinner and bringing it home for their spouse to debone.

My dad loved to fish because it was a great chance to drink a few beers with his buddies and be out of my mom’s range of shouting.

For the more active type, if you think of going fishing as some kind of sporting event, and many men do, then it is quite a self-governing type of activity. There is no requirement to be agile, healthy, or tall. If you are a patient person, or maybe a bit drunk, that’s all you need along with the beautiful scenery. To quote President Herbert Hoover, who loved to fish, “All men are equal before fish.”

Likewise, fishing is a great reason to do nothing, and that is how summer should be spent.

Scientific research has shown ladies do multitasking way better than the guys. Therefore, going fishing is an excellent method for the guys to show how good they are at doing one thing at a time. They can just sit there and throw that line into the water, and some of them are very good at it too.

One guy defined fishing as an extended period of being bored, with very sudden instances of getting excited. To me, that is also sort of like going on a date. The guy throws out some bait, waits to see what is attracted to it, and then he catches something and releases it, and waits to see what other fish there are out there in the ocean!

Other men see fishing as a way to bond with their kids, their father, or their grandfather or perhaps a favorite uncle. One of my buddies defined fishing with his father as an adventure during his childhood. His little experience consisted of eating baloney sandwiches while the two of them sat in a small boat on a hot and humid day, and they didn’t catch much fish. They didn’t get into in-depth discussions, but he enjoyed these intimate moments with his dad.

And that’s an excellent reason to go fishing, and I will promote it for that reason all day long.  This is why some women go to the beauty salon when they don’t need to get anything done.

This article would be incomplete if we didn’t include that fishing in many places is a great way to put food on the table. This can be either as a job or directly for your own family .

The majority of guys likely don’t try to figure out why it is they like to go fishing. It’s not necessary to dissect something fun. However, it’s rather like trying to live a good life. You attempt to do the best you can, hope things turn out, and you also have times where your efforts are rewarded and some when they aren’t. But every time, you can be happy about getting another chance to pick up that rod and reel and head out the door to do it again.

Ken Masterson

My name is Ken Masterson. Growing up in Louisiana, I have been fishing since I was 7 years old. I am happy to share my knowledge with the readers here. Feel free to give me feedback in comments or even reach out at kenny@fishjoy.com

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